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Easy Cruise One

How to play: Use the arrow keys to steer. A and S keys help nudge the bow of the boat with the thrusters.


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About Easy Cruise One

Easy Cruise One

Make sure these vacationers get a cruise that’s nice and easy by steering the easy Cruise One from port to port on their Caribbean cruise. Start by pulling up next to the dock in Barbados. Drive the ship into the highlighted area so the vacationers can party on the beach for a while. You have a schedule to keep so the vacationers can go to all the locations they were promised and still get home in time, so you have to dock the ship within the time limit. It is really windy, and your ship is being blown around. Be careful not to crash. If you crash five times or run out of time you lose a life and have to replay the level. Lose three lives and the game is over. Beat the game while you see the Caribbean islands.