Play a Hot Doggeria Cool Math Game Game

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Hot Doggeria Cool Math Game

How to play: Use your mouse to play Papa's Hot Doggeria game

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About Hot Doggeria Cool Math Game

Hot Doggeria Cool Math Game

Play Papa’s Hot Doggeria on Cool Math Kid Games : Welcome back to Papa’s Food Serving series game! Papa’s Hot Doggeria is a latest version of popular Papa’s games. This game is similar game play with Papa’s Burgeria, Papa’s Taco Mia, Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Pancakeria, Papa’s Wingeria. Help Taylor and Peggy run Papa’s Hot Doggeria. You must grill sausages and dogs, add condiments and toppings, and pop popcorn and prepare drinks for all of the customers in the game. Try to grill and serve hot dogs as fast as you can to complete the game. To start the game, you need to select your character Peggy or Taylor. You also can use new features that is to create a custom worker. With this feature, you can changee skin color, hair color, eye type, hair, eye look… Take the other from customer, start cooking at hot dog, add more toppings in Build Station, prepare drinks and popcorn in the Pop Station, and serve the hot dogs to customer. Have Fun !