Play a Minecraft Creeper Diamond Game

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Minecraft Creeper Diamond

How to play: Use the arrow keys for walking around. The spacebar key here is for jumping.


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About Minecraft Creeper Diamond

Minecraft Creeper Diamond

Unlike other Minecraft games, today, players are in charge of guiding an ugly creeper! Thus, are you ready to visit Minecraft Creeper Diamond instantly? Tap the Start button to savor it here!

In the eminent game, players are asked to control our creeper to a dark cave so that he can find a large number of diamonds. But, it is highly advised to be careful, just because the cave is full of lava. Please instruct the creeper how to overcome many different obstacles in order to win a victory soon. Don’t forget to jump over opposite-arrow blocks and lava blocks in each round. He will surely come back to the checking point for any mistake. Once seeing the door, simply press a button to open it, and then get diamonds.

Cannot wait anymore, huh? Try Minecraft Creeper Diamond here!