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Plants vs Zombies

How to play: You use the mouse to control every function in the game.

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About Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

These sun focuses arbitrarily show up on the screen and you need to tap on them to gather them, on the off chance that not, after a brief time, the sun focuses will vanish. You can likewise plant Sunflowers which will periodically create sun indicates for you gather. Each kind of plant every cost a specific number of sun focuses to plant.

The dimension has various earth tiles for you to plant down plants with each tile having the capacity to hold 1 plant. You can make blends of the diverse kinds of plants in every path to crush the zombies quicker. Keep in mind that there are levels that have no earth tiles, making it with the goal that you either need to put lily cushions or plant pots so as to put down plants in those explicit spots.

Toward the finish of each dimension, there’s a last wave so you’ll must be watchful as a great deal of zombies will surge in. Keep in mind that when a zombie is close to a plant, the zombie will attempt to eat the plant.