Privacy Policy (Kids & Parents)

Cool Math Games Network (henceforward will be referenced as “Cool Math Games”), To ensure the security of our clients and to utilize the data that we get from them inside the casing of care and regard is among our missions. Security approach clarifies how we get data from clients, what we will do with this data and restricted mediation of the outsiders. As a general standard, we don’t get pointless data; we simply need the data to take an interest in the exercises on our site.

It is proposed that guardians should offer data to their kids about Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and clarify what these two terms mean.

We will offer data to the youngsters that they need to get consent from a parent or lawful watchman on the off chance that they were younger than 13 and attempting to enlist with individual data.

Protection Policy for Non-individuals

In numerous pieces of our site, enrollment enlistment and any close to home data about our clients isn’t required. For further subtleties you can view our Privacy Policy.


Cool Math GAMES will give a valiant effort to ensure our sites as a sheltered and fun spot and will persistently try endeavors to improve the security of our sites. We will consistently screen our sites in order to anticipate and erase any improper language and substance. We can’t make a guarantee that some data and messages don’t contain unseemly substance.

So as to control the perceivability of individual information we recommend that our clients should utilize protection settings. It significant not to impart your own information to individuals you don’t know intently. Individuals that you are talking can be utilizing a phony id. In this way, you should consistently be cautious while offering your data to other people. Try not to get individuals’ close to home information without their authorization. At the point when you understand something that distresses you, it would be ideal if you connect with us at the earliest opportunity. Everyone damaging our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use will be terminated from the site immediately.

Kindly remember: Never share your contact data (email, phone number, place of residence and so forth.) with individuals that you don’t know intently.

Cool Math Games Contact Information

At whatever point you need more help, kindly send us an email that contains your inquiries and remarks. Our email address is Or on the other hand you can keep in touch with the location beneath: