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About Red Ball 7

Red Ball 7 is the seventh level of the this addictive game. The game applies various concepts of physics to the simple action game. The ball is the hero of the game. In the first version, even though the main hero is simply a ball, in the later versions, the ball acquires character.
The Red Ball 7th level starts with the ball on a block. The special feature of this game is the box bridge you will have to create in order to be safe from the sharp thorns. You have to move the ball forward and jump which will place it on a small moving platform which can move up. After another jump, you will face the first obstacle, a sharp star which is swinging on a rope like a pendulum. You can go under it when the start swings on the other side and jump over the thorns.

How to Play Red Ball 7

The game is played with the help of a keyboard. The arrow keys are used for moving the ball on all sides. Left arrow key should be used to move the ball backward. Right arrow key can be used to move the ball forward. Up arrow key can be used to make the ball go higher. This arrow key will simply make the ball go up and not forward. Down arrow key can be used to make the ball go down. These are the most important controls you will need to use during the game. To pause the game, the key ‘P’ can be pressed. To escape the game, you can press the Escape key. A game can be restarted by pressing the key ‘R’. Music is on by default and you can turn off the music by clicking on the music symbol on the game screen.

Red Ball 7 Strategy


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