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How to play: online is an super fun massive player addicting game that bring a very new idea. Guide the snake back to the area of your color to make your area bigger. Battle against other players. When you are extending your area, make sure other players don’t hit your snake or you will lose!. You enter in the zone with a little area and your target is to capture the whole board. Just drive your dot and make it larger. Close an area to fill it with your color. Don’t get hit with other player. In Splix io your main goal is to grab as much land as possible. As in most of the io games in splix can play in multiplayer mode with other players. Enjoy and share with your friends! You can grab land of other players but be careful they are also trying to grab your area and they can make you loser by hitting your line. Avoid from hitting the side walls and also don’t touch with your own line otherwise you will become loser and game start from begging. Have no mercy and conquer the whole map. Have fun and play unblocked.

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Online is an mass player addicting game for hours! You start with a small area, make it larger and larger by closing it with your line. Grab other players land, but be careful, they may want to take yours, or even make you lose by hitting your colored line. Have no mercy and conquer the whole map! Good luck!