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Tank Trouble Game Description

About Tank Trouble Game

Tank Trouble is a legendary game. It allows you to continue the adventurous battle craze. Started in December 2007 by Purple. Tank Problem Unblocked. One or two players. Game Plot: Tank Trouble unblocked. At game. The bomb goes to about 20 jumps that hit the walls before they disappear. The youngest in the tank the power of power. Difficulty. Use the maze and weapons of the tank. The labyrinth wall. You can hit the enemy’s tank. All I have to do is kill a maze. Return to default settings. * Can’t play sounds like it’s not easy to play. * You will have to click on any site in the world. There are many different weapons in Tank Trouble. You can throw only 5 bombs at a time.

How to Play Tank Trouble Game

Tank Trouble requires only five keys to control all of its operations. The five key includes four keys to move in four directions ,i.e. forward,backward,down ,up and the fifth key is for shooting. In single player game the player uses the arrow to move in all directions and ‘M’ key for shooting . In case of two players, the Player 2 uses the keys E,S,D and F for movement and the key Q for firing. In case if there are three players the Player 3 controls the tank movement by mouse and fires by the left click of the mouse.

Tank Trouble Game Strategy


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